Cosmetic Enhancements

Picture1 The eyeliner procedure is the most popular permanent procedure. The eyeliner procedure can be done with or without eyelash enhancements. To do an eyelash enhancement tattooing is done in between the eyelashes and underneath them. This helps to make the lashes appear thicker. This also makes eyelash extensions look better. You can do the upper, lower or both the upper and lower eyelash. When you do your eyeliner you don’t have to worry about smeared eyeliner anymore and it will save you time getting ready! Most clients love having their eyeliners done permanently. The eyeliner procedure takes about an hour to get done.


Picture5-2-2 An eyelash enhancement is tattooing in between and underneath the eyelashes. The tattooing stays right at the eyelash on the top and bottom of your eye. This makes the eyelashes appear thicker. This is great for people who don’t want eyeliner but they do want their eyelashes to look thicker. It also makes your eyes look more defined.


Eyebrows frame your face, so it is important to have well shaped brows. Entire books are written about how adjusting eyebrows can enhance facial features. I enjoy shaping your eyebrows to bring forth the best outcome. Thicker eyebrows are in style right now and give you a more youthful appearance. There are three techniques that can be used—the shading technique fills in the brow like when you use an eyebrow pencil, the hair stroke technique tattoos in fine strokes to look like hair, and the powdery technique fills in gently. I like to do a color a little lighter than your natural hair color because this looks more natural. I think that everyone should have their brows done—even if they are already shaped nice and thick. It looks good to add a little arch and fill in. An appropriately done eyebrow will actually act much like a facelift to create a younger look. You should come to your appointment with your eyebrows drawn on so I can see how you would like to have it done. I will measure them to make sure they are correct and add a few touches with your approval. This takes about an hour to get done.


Picture3 The lips can be tattooed in a ‘full lip’ procedure. The goal is to have them look smooth and not blotchy. Doing a full lip technique can make your lips look fuller. You can also add shape and symmetry to your lips with the full lip procedure. You can select shades that are natural in color or shades that are darker than your own. You can also do a color that matches your normal lipstick. A procedure can be selected that allows you to have two shades with the darker shade on the edge and a lighter shade in the center. Your lipstick, if you choose to wear it, will look better after you have done the full lip procedure. It is nice to have your lips done.


Picture4-2 Lip liners can be done independent of the full lips or with the full lip procedure. The lip liner procedure is completed by applying a darker lip color at the vermillion line of the lip and fading it to the center. This allows the lip to be defined and allows for a more natural look than when a line is added around your lips without the blending. When the pigment is faded into the lip the lip liner will look good whether you wear lipstick or not. Adding a lip liner can make your lips more full appearing, too!