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The eyebrow color will be 10% darker after the procedure than what they will look like after they are healed. You will need to keep them moist twice a day with Vitamin E for 5 days. You don’t need to apply a lot of Vitamin E—just enough to keep the area moist.

Don’t use soap, lotion, or makeup on the eyebrows for 5 days. Don’t pick at any scabs which might appear, but let them fall off or wash off naturally.

Immediately after your brows are done they may have either a white or pink ring around the brow area. This is due to the anesthetic and will resolve itself quickly. It also is due to the white blood cells rushing to the area. Eyebrows generally don’t bleed unless you are on a blood thinning medication. The hair in the eyebrow may be a bit unruly after the procedure if the area swells—this will resolve also. There is no need to ice the area after the procedure.  Don’t expose the eyebrow to the sun or tanning until the procedure is healed. Use sunblock on the eyebrow if you have to be in the sun for an extended period of time. The sun or tanning will fade the pigment until the area is fully healed.



The eyeliner will look 10% darker immediately after the procedure. The color will lighten as the procedure heals.

Some clients have swelling for 1-3 days. The anesthetic cream reduces the swelling as well as numbs the area. Eyeliners don’t bleed. A few clients get bruising on parts of the eye after the procedure. This depends on your skin and normal bruising patterns you have experienced before. The bruising will go away in 1-3 days.

If the topical anesthetic gets into your eye you may have some blurring of your vision for a time. Flushing the eye with normal saline may help. You will not be able to wear contacts home, so make sure to bring your eye glasses along to the procedure.

You may want to apply ice to your eyes after the procedure for swelling/redness that might occur. You will be sent home with 2 tea bags which should be placed in cold water and the applied, damp, to the eyes in a compress manner.

Don’t use makeup or mascara around the procedure for 5 days. Secure a new tube of mascara to use to avoid infection.Vitamin E should be applied lightly twice a day. Do not pick at scabs, should they appear. Do not use lash curlers for 3 weeks—you may pull out the lashes. Don’t use soap or lotion on the permanent makeup for 5 days.Do not expose the new procedure to the sun or tanning until fully healed. Use UV sunglasses when out in the sun for extended periods of time to avoid having the new pigment fade.

Full Lip


Lips look 50% darker after the procedure than they will after the lips are fully healed. Reds, especially, appear more vibrant immediately after the procedure.

Some lips bleed a bit during the procedure. The topical anesthetic will help with any bleeding along with the numbing.

Your lips will be dry after the procedure, so keep them moist with Vitamin E for 2 weeks after the procedure. The lips will peal in 3-4 days—this is normal. After they peal they will look faded and light. They will look faded and light for about 2 weeks and then slowly darken. After about 4 weeks you will know the true color.

Don’t use any soap or lotion on the lips for 5 days. Don’t let hot steam on your face from a hot tub or shower until the procedure is healed–the pigments may pull out with the steam. 

You can shower, but don’t use a hot shower that steams or let the shower stream beat on your face. Stay out of the pool and don’t tan for 5-7 days. Keep your lips most. Don’t pick at scabs, let them come off when washing or naturally. After 5 days, as long as you keep the lips moist, they will look good.

Remember, after the lips peal they appear light. The procedure has not failed! The lips will brighten again in a few weeks. Don’t judge until the 4 week mark.

Throughout the year, our natural lips go through stages of light to dark colors. Your lips will still do this. Lipstick shades will look better on your lips now—you have more color to enhance. Clear gloss may be all you need.


Touchups should not be done until 4-6 weeks after the procedure, especially on the lips. The lips will not be fully healed until 6 weeks after the procedure. There is a high probability of more pain if a touchup is done before the area is fully healed.