Permanent Makeup & Medical Camouflage

a lasting investment that enhances your beauty

Skin is a canvas! Permanent Makeup and Medical Camouflage allow you to enhance those features you like and camouflage features you would like to live without! All procedures at Forever Enchanting are provided by an RN in a private studio setting.

Pigments utilized at Forever Enchanting are provided by Premier Pigments, an established and proven pigment manufacturer as well as trainer for artists in the permanent makeup and medical camouflage industry. Color pigments are actually small particles of pigments suspended in an aqueous dispersion for color. The pigment is introduced into the skin, and if it is trapped under the top layer of skin, the skin acts like a window allowing the color to show through.

Forever Enchanting is a member of the Watertown Chamber of Commerce and the exclusive distributor of City Cosmetics in South Dakota. For more information, visit the Retail tab to see the City Cosmetics products available at our studio.